Saskia Robben

Onderzoeker ICT in de Zorg (PhD candidate) & Hoofddocent Learning Community 'Applied AI'

tel: +31(0)6 2115 7049


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Aging and physical activity: A qualitative study of basic psychological needs and motivation in a blended home-based exercise program for older adults

( 2020 ) Sumit Mehra, Jantine van den Helder, Ben Kröse, Raoul Engelbert, Peter Weijs & Bart Visser Betsy Ng & Gloria Ho (Eds)

Delta features from ambient sensor data are good predictors of change in functional health

( 2017 ) Saskia Robben, Gwenn Englebienne & Ben Kröse IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 21(4)

Measuring regularity in daily behavior for the purpose of detecting alzheimer

( 2016 ) Saskia Robben, Ahmed Nait Aicha & Ben Kröse PervasiveHealth 2016 download

Expert knowledge for modeling functional health from sensor data

( 2016 ) Saskia Robben, Margriet Pol, Bianca Buurman & Ben Kröse Methods of Information in Medicine

Managing flexible care with a context aware system for ageing-in-place

( 2015 ) Saskia Robben, Lilian Bosch, Marije Kanis, Jasmien Decancq & Pascal Wiggers Pervasive Health 2015 Workshop on Process-oriented approach for patient-centered care delivery (PROCARE) download

How are you doing? Enabling older adults to enrich sensor data with subjective input

( 2015 ) Marije Kanis, Saskia Robben & Ben Kröse Proceedings of Ubicomp 2015, Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding (HBU): Behavior analysis for the elderly download

Longitudinal ambient sensor monitoring for functional health assessments: A case study

( 2014 ) Saskia Robben, Margriet Pol, Ben Kröse UBICOMP '14 Adjunct proceedings download

Sensor monitoring to measure and support daily functioning for independently living older people: A systematic review and road map for further development

( 2013 ) Margriet Pol, Soemitro Poerbodipoero, Saskia Robben, Joost Daams, Margo van Hartingsveldt, Rien de Vos, Sophia de Rooij, Ben Kröse & Bianca Buurman Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (61) 12 download

Care4Balance: Balancing informal care through multi-stakeholder service design

( 2013 ) Ann Ackaert, An Jacobs, Karen Willems, Saskia Robben, Marije Kanis, Martijn Vastenburg & Ziad Nehme Proceedings of AAL 2013 forum

Innoveren in de zorg samen met de eindgebruiker

( 2013 ) Marise Schot, Miriam Reitenbach, Ron Boonstra, Saskia Robben, Pascal Wiggers, Margriet Pol, Marije Kanis, et al. Health-lab download

Innovation in health care: Together with end users

( 2013 ) Marise Schot, Miriam Reitenbach, Ron Boonstra, Saskia Robben, Pascal Wiggers, Margriet Pol, Marije Kanis, et al. Health-lab download

Identifying and visualizing relevant deviations in longitudinal sensor patterns for care professionals

( 2013 ) Saskia Robben, Mario Boot, Marije Kanis & Ben Kröse Pervasive Health'13 International workshop on lifelogging for pervasive health download

Longitudinal residential ambient monitoring: Correlating sensor data to functional health status

( 2013 ) Saskia Robben & Ben Krose Proceedings of Pervasive Health'13 download

Sensor monitoring in the home: Giving voice to elderly people

( 2013 ) Marije Kanis, Saskia Robben, Judith Hagen, Anne Bimmerman, Natasja Wagelaar & Ben Kröse Proceedings of Pervasive Health '13 download

Reducing dementia related wandering behaviour with an interactive wall

( 2012 ) Saskia Robben, Kyra Bergman, Sven Haitjema, Yannick de Lange & Ben Kröse Proceedings of AmI'12 download

Living Labs as educational tool for ambient intelligence

( 2012 ) Ben Krose, Mettina Veenstra, Saskia Robben & Marije Kanis Proceedings of AmI'12 download

How is grandma doing? Predicting functional health status from binary ambient sensor data

( 2012 ) Saskia Robben, Gwen Englebienne, Margriet Pol & Ben Kröse Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence for Gerontechnology '12 download

Visualizing ambient user experiences: Any how

( 2012 ) Marije Kanis, Saskia Robben, Mettina Veenstra & Ben Kröse Proceedings of Workshop on Crafting urban camouflage, DIS 2012, New Castle, UK download

Ambient monitoring from an elderly-centred design perspective: What, who and how

( 2011 ) Marije Kanis, Sean Alizadeh, Jesse Groen, Milad Khalili, Saskia Robben, Sander Bakkes & Ben Kröse Proceedings of AmI'11 download

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