About the Digital Life Centre

The Digital Life centre is a research lab at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, School of Digital Media and Creative Industries. Our goal is to understand and create digital solutions for public wellbeing in urban context. We focus on innovative and creative ubiquitous (sensing) technologies, digital information in everyday life and understanding its bigger (data) picture. We conduct research in the real world, in close collaboration with the professional field and industry, together with and for users, in which we see Amsterdam and environment as our Living Lab.

dr Somaya Ben Allouch


prof. dr Ben Kröse


dr Marije Kanis

Saskia Robben

Monique Schaule Jullens

Joey van der Bie

Annette Brons

dr Michel Oey

Leontine Born

Tamara V. Pinos Cisneros

Sumit Mehra

Michel Mercera

Ria Peters


dr Margriet Pol

Rémi de Boer

dr Nazli Cila


dr Shihan Wang