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Within the project we organized 5 focus group sessions, several user test sessions and 3 workshops. These activities have so far resulted in 2 papers (ACM SIGACCESS 2019 en ACM MobileHCI 2019), 4 abstracts, 8 presentations at scientific or professional conferences and 4 demonstrations. We were present at the international Vision2017 conference, we gave a presentation to the association for the rehabilitation of partially sighted people (VRS), and actively discussed at the ZonMW Inzicht meeting. Moreover, we gave a workshop and demo at the ZiezoBeurs2018, we gave a demo and workshop on the Orientation and Mobility Day and we presented the EyeBeacons project to the residents of Amsterdam during the WeMakeTheCity event. More than 50 students made an active contribution to EyeBeacons through project assignments and internships. The students’ work was presented at the Thingscon2017 conference and other students actively participated in the ZieZoBeurs 2018 and 2019. The EyeBeacons project has been mentioned on national and international websites such as,,,,,, en Recently we made a video in which we summarize the status of the project.

Images & Video


Guiding the visually impaired through the environment with Beacons

(2016 )Joey van der Bie, Britte Visser, Jordy Matsari, Mijnisha Singh, Timon van Hasselt, Jan Koopman & Ben Kröse,Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Adjunct

Better wayfinding for visually impaired people: Integrating haptic feedback via a smartwatch

(2017 )Joey Van der Bie, Christina Jaschinski, Timon Van Hasselt, Jan Koopman, Somaya Ben Allouch & Ben KrösePaper presented at Vision 2017 download

Communicating multimodal wayfinding messages for Visually Impaired People via wearables

(2019 )Joey van der Bie, Christina Jaschinski & Somaya Ben AllouchMobileHCI'19 download

Sidewalk, a wayfinding message syntax for people with a Visual Impairment

(2019 )Joey van der Bie, Christina Jaschinski & Somaya Ben AllouchASSETS 2019 download

Lessons learned from co-creating a personal wayfinding app with people with a visual impairment

(2020 )Joey van der Bie, Christina Jaschinski, Somaya Ben AllouchVolume 4, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Design4Health, Amsterdam, 2020 download