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A large-scale technological transformation is taking place, whereby buildings and building components can be made increasingly ‘smarter’. However, this technological progress is accompanied by a change.
Not only in the way buildings function, but also in the way they are developed and built.
In addition to major technological changes, influential social changes are also taking place; aging and greater gray pressure are two examples of this. This project aims to develop an interactive living room that helps people with dementia to live independently at home for longer. Stimulating the ability to independently perform General Daily Operations (GDO) is the most important focus area in maintaining and increasing the quality of life of this group. The interactive living room to be developed aims to support and stimulate this GDO, mobility and orientation.

The interactive living room is being developed by various small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that have technology that can contribute to the above goal. In addition, HAN, HvA, Fontys and TU / e are involved as knowledge partners in the project.

The aim of the project is two-fold:
- An approach for the development of interactive building components (development of a toolbox)
- One innovative and interactive space (the interactive living room), tested in two living labs.

The first living lab will serve as a technical test in which the first prototype can be improved. The second living lab is in DrieGasthuizenGroep, where a second prototype is installed and where the reaction, acceptance and the effect on residents, care and informal care can be viewed. This public partner is involved in the entire design process, so that the input and needs of these different stakeholders are introduced early in the process. This iterative process will ultimately not lead alone to an interactive living room that better meets the needs of the user, but also to a better acceptance for implementation in practice.

The project ‘The interactive living room – Guiding Environment’ is a SIA-RAAK SME project (secretary: HAN).

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